Painted Signs – an art exhibition

The Romanian Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Prague organized on Tuesday, 16 May 2006, the art exhibition Painted Signs presenting paintings by Sanda Butiu and Ileana Dragomirescu. The exhibition took place in the Morzini Palace in Prague. 140 people took part in the varnishing. There were present Czech politicians, journalists, diplomats, students and university professors, members of the Czech-Romanian Association and of the Romanian community in Czech Republic, admirers of the artists, general audience.

In the presence of Mr. Dan Balanescu, charge d’affaires ad interim, the artists were introduced to the audience by Mr. Dan Duta, director of the Romanian Cultural Institute. Then, Mrs. Ileana Dragomirescu expressed artists’ gratitude for the opportunity of having an exhibition in Prague.

After the varnishing, the audience was offered a glass of Romanian wine.




Cultural soiree


On the 28th of  March 2006 a cultural soiree was organized at the Romanian Embassy for the Romanian community in Prague and members of the Czech – Romanian Association. The known Romanian artists, Mr. Ion Lucian, Mrs. Rodica Mandache and Mrs. Paula Sorescu Lucian offered to all participants artistic moments very warmly received by an enthusiastic audience. 

The soiree ended with a reception witch allowed the participants to meet ant inter act with the artists.






Student’s Virtual Firms Fair

On March 21, 2006 took place the opening ceremony of the Student’s Virtual Firms Fair organized in Prague. At this event Romania was represented by 25 Virtual Firms created by students from economic high schools from Bucuresti, Ploiesti, Targoviste, Pitesti, Baia Mare, Lupeni, Buzau si Teleajan. At the opening ceremony was also present the Ambassador of Romania in Prague, Mr. Gheorghe Tinca, who met the Romanian participants competing at this Fair.

The Romanian students  won 4 of the 6 prizes, the first place for the best presentation catalogue and the first, second and third places for the  presentation stalls.



Roumanie dans la Francophonie


Roumanie sera cette automne (du 25 au 29 septembre) l’organisateur de la XI-ème Réunion à haut niveau de l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. C’est pour la première fois que le Sommet se tiendra dans un pays de l’Europe centrale et de l’Est.

La Roumanie assume, à partir de novembre 2005, lors de la Conférence Ministérielle de la Francophonie d’Antananarivo, la présidence de cette instance. Elle la gardera durant deux années.

 Depuis 1998, les Journees de la Francophonie en Republique Tcheque donnent une image vivante de la Francophonie par un ansamble de manifestations litteraires, plastiques, musicales et cinematigraphique.

 Dans le cadre des Journees de la Francophonie a Prague, l’Ambassade de Roumanie à Prague a organisé une serie d’activités:


-      L’exposition de photographies « Bucarest – le petit Paris »                                                             (voir)

-     Journée d’études: “Interférences francophones : Roumanie, Belgique, Québec”, a la Faculte de pedagogie de Ceske Budejovice, et une soiree dediee a Roumanie au Café francais de Ceske Budejovice                (voir

-      Le spectacle « Delire a deux…» de Eugene Ionesco, le lundi, 27 mars 2006, 17h, au Palais Morzin (Nerudova 5)                                                                    (voir)

-      Le film « François Villon » de Sergiu Nicolaescu, à l’Institut Français de Prague, le 29 mars 2006, 18h (première partie) et le 30 mars 2006, 18h (seconde partie)                                                                       























Tourism International Fair 

Between February 23 th – 24th 2006 in Prague took place the annual Tourism International Fair organized by the Czech Ministry for Regional Development and the Czech Tourism Agency. At this event Romania had the status of partner country witch was an important occasion to focus on Romania’s tourism potential. At the Fair participated  representatives of Romanian tourism agencies, Romania Tourism Board, Romanian Ambassador in Prague, Mr. Gheorghe Tinca, and the chief of the Romanian Tourism Office in Vienna, Mr. Simion Jurca.

On this occasion in the presence of many visitors and the Romanian representatives took place the release of a travel guide about Romania – Rumunsko neni Divocina (Romania in not Wildness Anymore) written by two Czech authors, Lenka Sikrha and Jozef Sikrha.











Transatlantic Drift Debate


On the 6th of March on the premises of the Romanian embassy, the Prague Society for International Cooperation organized, in the framework of the Transatlantic Drift Debates, the  Nordic Student Forum.

Among the participants were ambassadors in Prague of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, SUA, Israel, Ireland and a group of students from the international universities in Prague.

The topic of the discussion was “Is diplomacy capable of handling the crises between secular and religious societies”. The discussion was focused on the recent crises in reaction to the publishing of the Mahomed Prophet cartoons and the participants tried to identify the causes and possible remedies for the tense situation created in the relations between Western European countries and the Islamic world after the releasing of this cartoons.














Visit to the Czech Republic of Mr. Teodor Atanasiu, Minister of Defence of Romania

The Minister of National Defence of Romania, Mr. Teodor Atanasiu, was on an official visit to the Czech Republic between February 28 and March the1st 2006. 

Mr. Atanasiu met the Czech Minister of Defence, Mr. Karel Kuhn and laid wreaths at the Memorial of the Romanian Heros in the Central Cemetary in Brno. The Memorial is dedicated to the Romanian soldiers that lost their lives in 1945 on Czech territory in the second world war. 

As a sign of gratitude for their support in implementing this Memorial, on behalf of the President of Romania, Mr Traian Basescu, high Romanian decorations were granted by Mr. Atanasiu to Mr. Karel Kuhnl, Minister of Defence of Czech Republic, Ms. Jaroslava Pribylova, Deputy Minister of Defence of Czech Republic, Mr. LTG Pavel Štefka, Chief of General Staff of the Czech Republic, Mr. BG (Retd.)  Josef Prokes, Chief of the Veterans, Mr. Ing. Stanislav Juranek, Chairman of the South Moravia Region and Mr PhDR. Richard Svoboda, Mayor of Brno. 

During the official discutions Mr. Kuhnl appreciated Romanian soldiers contribution in liberating Czech territories during world war II.

















Visit to the Czech Republic of Mr. Vasile Blaga, Minister of Interior and Public Administration of Romania

Between 18 – 19 February 2006 Mr. Vasile Blaga, Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration of Romania was on an official visit to the Czech Republic. During the official talks with Mr. Frantisek Bublan, Minister of Interior Affairs of the Czech republic, Mr. Blaga presented the progress made by Romania in reforming the public administration and fighting corruption. Another important topic was related to Romania's efforts in enhancing border security and fighting illegal immigration, human beings trafficking and drugs transit. 

After becoming member of the EU, on 1st of January 2007, the eastern border of Romania will become the easterner frontier of the EU. This border would be the second after that of Finland, witch is the longest in the UE. 

Mr. Bublan appreciated Romania's efforts in meeting the criteria for joining the EU on January the 1st, 2007 and assured the Romanian side of the Czech Republic full support in reaching this goal.